Sunday, March 1, 2015

Post-Workshop: Studio-Only, Pastel-Only, Color Intensive Painting Workshop

Earlier this week, I announced that I had scheduled a studio-only, pastel-only, color intensive painting workshop.  I've always wanted to teach such a workshop, since color really is the impetus for my painting.  As Dylan Thomas wrote:

The force that through the green fuse drives the flower /
Drives my green age

and for me, that "force" is color.

I won't go into all the material we covered, but the captions for the photos should give you a clue.

We had four fun-filled days exploring color concepts in pastel, and all agreed the week was a success.  I am looking forward to offering this workshop again next winter here in Sedona.  So, if plein air painting isn't your thing, and you'd prefer not to have to paint with messy oil painters, maybe you'll consider this indoor pastel workshop when I announce the next one.

Extreme Limited Pastel Palette Demonstration - Only 14 Sticks!

Setup for Above with Photo Reference

Demonstration - Using a Pre-determined Palette (Split-Complementary)

Setup for Above with Photo Reference


Perceived Color is Dependent on Surrounding Color
Demonstration:  Creating a Sunny Day on Warm-Toned Paper

Setup for Above with Photo Reference

Demonstration:  Creating an Overcast Day on Cool-Toned Paper

Setup for Above with Photo Reference

Demonstration:  Complementary Color Block-In

Demonstration:  Finished Painting with Complementary Block-In

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