Saturday, December 19, 2015

Holiday Time is Painting Time

Painting at Courthouse Butte

As we get closer to the holidays—and if we're not too busy with holiday preparations and family—our time opens up a bit.  People take time off from work and use up a few vacation days.  Even though most folks consider what I do for a living "fun," it is work, and I, too, try to take a few vacation days.

For me, this means heading to the field without an agenda.  I go out just to paint.  Period.

This past week, I went out with my friend M.L. Coleman to paint some of the local Sedona scenery.  Here are two paintings I did, both of which I think are successful partly because I did go without an agenda.

Evening Light 6x8 oil
Unframed - $100  incl. shipping

Almost Sundown 6x8 oil
Unframed - $100 incl. shipping

Although I painted these on a vacation day, I'm putting them up for sale.  Maybe you're still working on your gift-buying?  And don't forget that my holiday sale is still on:

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