Saturday, January 30, 2016

Plein Air Painting Essential Tools: Painting Knife, Revisited

In a previous post on essential tools for plein air painting, I wrote about a new painting knife I have. The RGM Ideal Line is stamped from a single piece of metal with no welds to break.  The only problem is that the handle is cold and uncushioned bare metal.  I must have a heavy hand because it cuts into my palm.

A reader (thank you, Angela!) suggested a couple of options. Not having any of the materials handy (Plasti-Dip or bicycle handlebar tape), we tried wrapping the handle with "ouchless tape."  (Thank you, Trina!)  I was surprised at how just a couple of layers improved the situation dramatically.  What's more, the tape holds fast through the most vigorous knifing, and it's easy to remove and replace when soiled.

Here's the knife, followed by a photo of the handle wrapped.

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