Saturday, October 29, 2016

Paintout in Sedona - and About Paint Sedona Plein Air Painting Workshops

Almost There
8x16 oil by Michael Chesley Johnson - Available

Most plein air painters, I think, immerse themselves in solitude when they hike out into the landscape.  That's part of why we're out there -- the solitude.  But there are times when you might want a more social experience.  You'd like to share the solitude with like-minded people.

Going out with a group of painters can be motivating, educational and, not to mention, fun.  You can chat as you explore for the best spots...learn about the latest gear or DIY box...and maybe have a few laughs, too, or share a meal.

A few years ago, I founded two plein air groups, one of which is in the Sedona and Verde Valley area of Arizona.  It's been a great group, and we've made new friends and have learned a good deal through it.  (The other is in Downeast Maine and the Canadian Maritimes.)

Today was our first outing of the season.  I've included my painting from the day at the top of this post, plus a few photos.

Another way to get the social fix is to take a plein air painting workshop.  In some ways, it's very much like my plein air group, except I give instruction, demonstrations and critiques.  It's very much a "value-added" painting group!  My Paint Sedona season has just begun, and I still have openings through April 2017.  These are small workshops for the serious student.  Limited to no more than four students, we take our craft seriously but have fun, too.  For more information on the program, please visit

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