Sunday, December 25, 2016

Looking Back at 2016

Behind Sand Beach 6x8 oil
I thought I'd share a selection of my paintings from this past year for your enjoyment.  Some you might have missed, others you might have already seen, a few might be new to you.  Here's my offering.  Don't forget you can always see more at my website, Happy holidays!

A Place to Stand 24x12 oil

Autumn's Turn 24x36 oil
Canyon Trails 12x24 oil

Condor's Realm 9x12 oil

Gatehouse 6x8 oil

Evening Clouds 6x8 oil

High Desert Juniper 12x18 pastel

Highlands Cottage 16x20 oil

Late Spring Snow 9x12 oil

Lifting Fog 12x16 oil

Lighthouse 8x10 oil

Days of Umber 9x12 oil (self-portrait)

Reaching Up 20x16 oil

Ready to Sail 12x9 oil

Red Butte 8x16 oil

Rocks & Foam 6x8 oil

Seawall Sunset 6x8 oil

Secret Mountain Wilderness 12x36

Out of the Shadows 9x12 oil

Sunday Brunch 16x8 oil

Surge 6x8 oil

Toward Otter Point 16x20 oil

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