Sunday, August 20, 2017

Plein Air Painting Workshop Wrap-Up: All Levels in Downeast Maine

Quoddy Head Fog 9x12 Oil by Michael Chesley Johnson

This past week, I concluded my series of all-level plein air painting workshops here in Downeast Maine.  It's been a great summer with cool, dry weather and just enough fog and drizzle to spice things up now and then.  I thought I'd share the demonstrations from this week.  Each is available for sale; USD $100 + $20 shipping to the continental US or Canada.

Brining Shed 9x12 Pastel by Michael Chesley Johnson

Tide's Out 5x9 Pastel by Michael Chesley Johnson

Islands 6x8 Oil by Michael Chesley Johnson

I have one final workshop in Lubec, Maine, for intermediate to advanced painters only.  A spot just opened up, so if you're interested in joining the three other students (I teach small groups), please let me know.  We could use one more good painter.

After that, I have some trips coming up, plus our annual trip to the Southwest.  More on all that later!

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