Sunday, November 5, 2017

Paint the Grand Canyon with Me! October 24-27, 2018

Mohave Point Morning, 18x12 Oil by Michael Chesley Johnson
Private Collection

Have you ever perched on the edge of the Grand Canyon to gaze at its unfathomable vastness and wondered how you might paint it?  No doubt you were overwhelmed by that awesome expanse of beauty.  Clouds sail over the maze of buttes within its walls, casting blue shadows that shift to violet and green.  Here and there, the Colorado River peeks out, a long mile below, far enough away that you can't hear its tumultuous rapids.  Closer at hand, sunlit cliffs drop into shadow.  A flying raven, a mere mote floating against the cliffs, tells you that the walls are, surprisingly, more remote than you thought.  Shadow and light confound your perception of depth and distance.

Your Instructor

Well, have no fear!  In this special plein air painting workshop, I'll lead you on path that will have you painting the Canyon like a pro.  I'll show you how to select a scene and block it in with a “best guess” of value and color, and then how to make adjustments to color temperature to capture the moment accurately—all without sacrificing the magic.  I feel confident I can help you have an enjoyable, productive time at the Canyon, as I've been an invited artist to the Grand Canyon Association's “Celebration of Art” plein air painting event four times, as well as painting there on my own for years.

Canyon Trails, 12x24 Oil by Michael Chesley Johnson

This workshop, sponsored by the Grand Canyon Field Institute, is approved by the National Park Service.  What's more, the workshop includes the entry fee to the Park as well as complimentary camping at Mather Campground, located right in the Park on the South  Rim.  (Other lodging is available by reservation at your cost.)  There's nothing quite like waking up on the rim and taking a morning stroll with your coffee to enjoy the sunrise.

Registration for Grand Canyon Association members begins tomorrow, November 6; for non-members, registration opens up November 12.  Cost:  $550 for GCA members; $575, non-members.  You can find full details and register on the GCA website at this link.

I hope you'll join me!  Grand Canyon is a spectacularly special place, and I'm eager to share it with you.  Here are a few more painting I've made over the years of Grand Canyon.

Afternoon Shadows, 6x8 Oil by Michael Chesley Johnson
Private Collection

Outpost, 6x6 Oil by Michael Chesley Johnson
Private Collection

Morning Light, 6x6 Oil by Michael Chesley Johnson
Private Collection

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