Sunday, March 24, 2019

Private Painting Intensive Week - Wrap-Up

The Last Snow - 9x12 Oil - Available

As many of you reading this blog know, last year I started to teach private, one-on-one plein air painting intensives at my studio in New Mexico.  I just finished the first week of the Spring 2019 season, and I thought I'd share some images with you.  (The paintings are mine.)

Here's my setup for "Where the Mountain Lion Hunts."
I have yet to see a mountain lion on that ridge.  Not to worry,
as we are safe where we are painting.

On our final day, we took a break and joined a Zuni guide
for a hike up Pierced Rock.  You can see the "piercing," that is,
the window, created in the sandstone by the wind.

Our guest this week was from Great Britain (we made sure to have some good Yorkshire Gold tea on hand for her), and we had a very productive time.  The weather was near-perfect, though we did wake up one morning to find a crust of snow on everything.  Real plein air painters, of course, aren't discouraged by a little snow, so we geared up and went out to paint it before the early spring sun melted it.

If you are interested in this program, I have posted my schedule for Fall 2019 season here:  The price includes lodging and meals, in addition to tuition.  The program is completely customized to the individual's needs.  And, since these are one-on-one, the weeks fill quickly!  I'll soon be posting the Spring 2020 weeks.

Where the Mountain Lion Hunts - 4.5x12 Oil - Available

Spring, Morning Light - 9x12 Oil - Available
My favorite cliff, which I can paint a hundred times and not
get tired of it.

Red Willows - 9x12 Oil - Available
These red willows sport stunning color when the light is right.

Clouds II - 6x8 Oil - Available
It was a good week for cloud studies.

Clouds I - 6x8 Oil - Available

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