Thursday, April 25, 2019

Final Private Painting Intensive Week of the Season - Wrap-Up

Water's Edge
9x12 Oil - Available $600

The other week, I finished my final Private Painting Intensive week of the season.  The weather was superb, except for one day of rain, which gave us studio time to work on some projects.  We also tried a new concept this week, of doing a preliminary, practice color sketch before embarking on the "real" painting.  Below, I've included some photos from the week and images of some of my paintings.

Full sun is now getting to be a bit intense.
Sunblock is essential!

If you're curious about the Private Painting Intensive, these workshops for experienced painters start up again in November.  You can find out about them at

By the way, after this last session, Trina and I headed up to Taos, New Mexico, for a couple of days.  Our excuse was that we had to deal with an airbag recall on our Subaru, which we decided to have done in Santa Fe.  Taos is only 90 minutes away from there, and since we hadn't been in several years, we thought it was a good time to refresh our minds--we are planning a painting retreat there in the fall of 2020.  I'll have a blog post on Taos shortly.

Paso Por Aqui
9x12 Oil - Available, $600
For this painting, we first did a 6x8 color sketch, below,
before embarking on the final version.

6x8 color study for "Paso Por Aqui"
This allowed us to work out some color issue prior
to the "real" painting.
Rock Meets Water
9x12 Oil - Available, $600
This is a "reverse plein air" painting, as explained in an
earlier post.  Basically, we gathered reference material in the field,
returned to the studio to work out design and to block in the final painting.
Finally, we took the block-in and returned to the field to finish the piece.

Color study for "Rock Meets Water"
9x12 Oil
This was my color reference for the above painting.
My Valley
6x8 Oil - Available, $200

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