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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Some New Panels for Oil Painting

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**Authentically Human! Not Written by AI**

"Circle of Light" 11x14 Oil - Available
I painted this on the 3mm ACM panel that had been prepped
with an oil ground.  I really liked the slight texture of the panel.
Using a knife and a Gamblin Gesso and Ground blade, I was
able to make the most of the texture.  (See farther down
for a close-up of the texture.)

While researching materials for a recent painting project, I came across a company that was new to me, Mako Art Supply. I was looking specifically for ACM panels prepped with a ground for oil painting.  (ACM stands for aluminum composite material, and one brand is Dibond.)   Mako, a company founded in 2022, makes exactly what I was looking for, so I contacted them about my project.

I was surprised when a box landed on my doorstep with a generous assortment of samples.  Inside was a set of 11x14 panels: a 3mm ACM panel prepped with an oil ground, another with acrylic gesso, a third unprimed, plus a Gatorfoam panel mounted with Claessen's 09 linen.  Each panel is beautifully crafted and finished with nice edges.

I've tried one of the panels so far – the oil ground one – and it has been a delight to work on.  It has a slightly textured surface that holds the paint well, and being an oil ground, it's not as absorbent as acrylic gesso, so I can easily wipe down areas to the "white" if I want to.  I'm looking forward to trying the others.  As for the unprimed panel, I'll be prepping it with Gamblin's Oil Ground.  Stay tuned!

Here are a few images of the panels.  By the way, if you're a first-time buyer, you can get 10% off the order with the code FIRSTMAKO10.

Backs of the four panels

Close-up of three of the panels.  Sorry I didn't
get a photo of the oil ground one, but I had
already painted on it by the time I decided to
write this post!

Detail of the "Circle of Light" painting.
You can see the slight texture of the panel coming through.

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