Friday, April 11, 2008

Milton Workshop - Day 4

On this last day of the workshop, the excellent weather continued. It was a bit cooler, but nothing to deter a plein air painter! As we worked today, Canada geese drifted overhead in great, honking flocks.

Today's demonstration showed how to liven up dull color. It is very early spring in the Niagara Escarpment area, and that means much of the dull brown still remains. All of us had trouble figuring out exactly what color those wooded hilltops were. I saw them as a nearly dark neutral with very small touches of violets, pinks and reds. Or did I? It was hard to tell.

Here's "Escarpment II." It's the same view I did the first day in a 5x7 format. This is 9x12 with a complementary underpainting. Using complements really gives the painting a kick.

"Escarpment" 9x12, pastel, en plein air - SOLD

We ended this workshop with Chinese takeout at the home of my host, Rosemary Simpson, who is a former president of Pastel Artists Canada. Joining our group was Brittani Faulkes, who will be leading a workshop on abstract painting this weekend.

Normally, this last day would be the end of the workshop week, but now the "It's Not Chalk" Symposium begins. I'm looking forward to taking a couple of sessions myself! I'll continue taking photos and posting comments on the PAC Symposium. Stay tuned!

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