Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Hampshire Workshop - Day 3

Kimball Pond called our workshop for the third day. Ducks, herons, rocky points, waterfalls - a great place to be on a Friday before the arrival of the weekend and the fishermen with their boats. Again, we were blessed with beautiful weather. (How long can it hold out?)

I elaborated more on the importance of doing quick, 30-minute sketches. If you've been agonizing over larger paintings, it's the perfect medicine for de-stressing. These mini-paintings are low-risk and low-investment. If you haven't captured the moment in 30 minutes, no problem - scrape it and start another one. And they don't cost you much in time or materials. They're also a great way to hone your design skills. When I do them, I focus almost entirely on color and shape.

Here are three I did. One I did as a demonstration, and the other two I did while the students set up or packed up.

"Kimball Pond"
Demonstration - 4x6, oil, en plein air - SOLD

"Shadowed Falls"
4x6, oil, en plein air

"Sunny Bottom"
4x6, oil, en plein air

Before I forget, I should mention the generous support we had in the way of samples from Jack Richeson & Co. Fine Art Materials (Daniel Greene oil paints and Unison pastels), Gamblin Artists Colors (oil colors, Galkyd and Gamsol) and Rtistx (Rtistx art boards).

Tomorrow - finishing up.

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