Sunday, April 13, 2008

PAC Symposium - Day 2

Saturday morning I took the "Colour Explorations" workshop with PAC artist Tim Daniels. In advance of the workshop, Tim set up a few web pages that outline the class material. (You can see the pages here. ) Rather than cover colour theory, which he says never really works for him, he takes a historical approach, examining colour solutions artists have found down through the ages. Starting with the Old Masters, who used a palette composed mostly of earth tones, he ended with contemporary painters of today, who have a broader selection of brighter pigments available to them.

Some of the examples he used for contemporary painters include Giorgio Morandi. I didn't know of Morandi's work, but I do like his subtle shifts in color and tone. Here's an example.

Now here's one of Tim's pieces:

Finally, here is the exercise I did based on a still life Tim set up for us. The point was to use vivid, contemporary colour, but to retain the sense of depth by handling colour temperature. It's not a masterpiece by any means, but I like the colours. It was a 15-minute excercise. Size is about 8x8.

Later in the day, I led two "walk and talk" sessions through the Member's Gallery. I had a dozen people each time. I didn't have to break out the balloon animals after all.

Tomorrow - figure workshop with Megan Williams.

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