Sunday, June 14, 2009

Prepare for Plein Air!

I've just finished creating the course material for my new online self-study program, Prepare for Plein Air ( I wanted to create this program because, as a teacher, I run into many students who've never painted outdoors but would like to, yet don't know where to start. If you fall into this category, my program is for you! I designed it to give students a jump-start on learning how to paint in the wonderful outdoors.

In this online workshop, you can work at your own pace and learn the basics of painting oil or pastel en plein air. In one session, you will:
  • Get instructions on the basic equipment and supplies needed and where you can get them
  • Watch a video that shows you how to set up a French easel
  • Watch a video that goes over value basics
  • Watch a video on how to begin your painting in oil (or pastel)
Once you've completed the above, you will:
  • Go out and create your first painting
  • E-mail an image of your painting to me
  • Then receive my personal critique and suggestions for improvement via an e-mail or a 30-minute phone call (your choice!)
  • PLUS a $20 credit to any workshop with me on Campobello Island, New Brunswick.
The workshop costs $70 and requires an Internet connection.

If you'd like to see a preview of the videos, please visit and go to the "videos" page. One of the videos doesn't require a password, and you are welcome to view it for free!

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