Monday, October 12, 2009

The Beach in Autumn

In the fall, those of us who live along the coast enjoy something very special. It's the grasses that inhabit the intertidal zone. Deep green in summer, these grasses in autumn turn into a rainbow.

At the east end of Campobello Island, near the Upper Duck Pond clam flats, there's a gorgeous swath of these grasses. At low tide, the water goes out for what seems a mile. When I was out for a hike there yesterday, I saw lots and lots of red in the grasses. I decided to go back and paint them. Once I got out there, though, the more I looked, the more color I saw. How many colors can you see in this little painting?

"The Grasses of Autumn"
5x7 oil - SOLD

Here's a detail shot:

I have a little over a week before I fly out to Sedona for the Plein Air Festival. One of my goals in painting today was to use up the paint on my palette. I need to clean it off, wash out the brushes and dredge out the turps can before I leave. I want the brushes and the turps can completely dry before I pack them up in my luggage. So, tomorrow I'll switch to a medium that won't require either those brushes or the turps can - water-miscible oils.

By the way, don't forget my fall pastel sale. I still have a few left. Go here to see them.


Sandra Nunes said...

Gorgeous rainbow, Michael!

Antti Rautiola said...

This is really beautiful, lively painting.
Its no wonder its sold :D