Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sedona Plein Air Festival - Day 7, Continued

"Sycamore Days" 9x12, oil

Artists gathered on the banks of Oak Creek at the L'Auberge de Sedona resort for the morning's Quick Draw. It was cool, and some of the artists, especially those from California and warmer climes, put on their heaviest coats. But the sun warmed things up quickly, and when the starting time of 10 a.m. rolled around, the weather was quite pleasant and drew out the visitors. People were curious and kind, asking a few questions but mostly keeping their distance with the understanding that this was a timed event. The most critical of the spectators was a flock of ducks that L'Auberge maintains.

I painted the same sycamore that I did last year. I felt last year's wasn't up to par, so I wanted to make another stab at it. I must have succeeded, because the painting sold at the Patron's Gala. Above is the painting (9x12, oil) and below, a few shots of the other artists painting. I took a break toward the end of my session so I could see what the others were up to. Scott Prior had set up next to me and painted the same sycamore. Most, like us, had set up along the creek. At the Gala that evening, I counted six paintings featuring sycamores. I'll admit, they're an attractive tree!

Brian Stewart

Scott Prior

Carolyn Hesse-Lowe (lt); Lorie Merfeld-Batson (rt)

William Wray

Brian Stewart (lt); Raleigh Kinney (rt)

Joe Garcia

After turning in our paintings, a few of us headed off for lunch at Oaxaca, a Mexican restaurant uptown. Along with Scott and me, we had Jill Carver, Joshua Been and his family, plus Cody DeLong and Bill Cramer. After lunch, some went off painting again even though the Festival was basically over - a true sign of a dedicated painter - while at least one went home for a nap. I went out looking at real estate.

At 5 p.m., artists reconvened at the L'Auberge ballroom to vote for the Artist's Choice award. The public arrived at 6, and then the party began. Several awards were given out to deserving artists. (I didn't win anything, but I was happy my Quick Draw sold.) Below are a few photos of the event. The room looks pretty packed - and it was.

Now the public sale begins. If you're in town, please stop by. I'll be at the Sedona Arts Center from 10-5 on Saturday and 10-3 on Sunday. Time permitting, I may even be out on the campus doing a little painting!

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