Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home Again - Campobello Island

After 3100 miles (and more), we've finally arrived home to Campobello Island.  It's always good to get home, but especially good when key systems work again without trouble.  Water, heat - we've got it all.  We had only one surprise.  A heavy piece of moulding over the front entry dropped, most likely due to heavy snow.  Too bad, as I enjoyed painting views of the front, and it was a nice architectural element.  We may not put it back.

I have to share another photo with you.  This is of the Main Street bridge in Middlebury, Vermont.  Vermont has had record rain these past two months, and Otter Creek, which runs through the center of town, is hurtling over the dam like I've never seen it.  (I lived in Middlebury for a few years.)  I'll be teaching an oil-only workshop in Middlebury on October 1st, and I fully expect the water levels to have gone down by then.

Finally, here's a photo I took yesterday, and you can see that spring is progressing here on Campobello.  The forsythia is just beautiful, and so are the dandelions.  By the time my Campobello workshops begin (end of June), the sun will be out and everything will be even lovelier.  Just to prove it, here's a painting I did last year - just to whet your appetite.

Glare and High Tide, 9x12, oil - $575

Now that I'm home, I've got a lot of work to do.  Paintings to ship - I'm in two new galleries this year, Laughing Raven, over in Lubec, Maine, and Green Drake in Millheim, Pennsylvania - and paintings to paint for several shows.  Life is busy - already! - but good.


Doug Runyan said...

Too bad about the molding on the house. It looks like a good architectural detail, part of what makes those heritage homes so great. Probably a little pricey to replace, I'd guess.

Quite a change from 90F in Indiana last week to forsythia blooming in Campobello this week! Looking forward to seeing some of your new paintings of the New Brunswick spring.

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

We're thinking of different options for the moulding that would keep it authentic. The house was built in 1867. Hopefully, we'll get something in place that will make for a nice painting!

Jo Castillo said...

Ahhhh, always nice to be home. Looking forward to the new paintings. Take care.

Drusilla Montemayor said...

So glad you made it home, sorry to see your door moulding in pieces! Send some of that eastern rain back to Arizona, we need it! Thanks so very much for the gathering at the Grand Canyon.