Friday, December 16, 2011

Second Edition: Paint Sedona - A Plein Air Painter's Field Guide to Sedona, Arizona

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Over the last couple of years, I've found even more great spots in Sedona to paint.  So, I decided I needed to create a second edition of my guide for plein air painters.  The edition is now available, and it's available both as a spiral-bound paperback and as a PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) download.

The new edition has 43 pages plus 35 black-and-white photos.  Readers asked, Why black-and-white?  The reason is that it makes the book much more affordable - $10 for a hardcopy, $7 for a download - and as a painter, I'm more interested in design than color.  The photos give you a good idea of the subject matter and the layout of the land.  I find that's more important to me than knowing the red rocks are, well, red.

The book does include two versions of the map, full-color on the cover (which you also get with the PDF version) and black-and-white in the interior.  I've updated the map, too, to show all locations.

Each location has a photo of the terrain plus a description of the general subject matter, as well as information on parking, restrooms and when the lighting is best.

If you're coming to Sedona to paint, I hope you'll get the book.  It's a very handy reference.  Believe it or not, I actually use it myself to remind me of where to paint when I'm drawing a blank.

Here's a direct link to the hardcopy version of Paint Sedona:  A Plein Air Painter's Field Guide to Sedona, Arizona ($10).

Here's a directly link to the download version of Paint Sedona: A Plein Air Painter's Field Guide to Sedona, Arizona ($7.)


Mary Pyche said...

I love this idea of black and white to reduce the cost, and a spiral binding too! I think it would be fun to buy it just to "dream" about where I might go to paint out there, and at this price, I should get two.

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Yes, get two and give one to a friend!