Sunday, December 11, 2011

Walkabout - a Poll

I'm curious to know how far a plein air painter will usually walk from the car to the painting spot.  There's a poll in the right column for this, and I hope you'll take it.  (If you're reading this through your newsreader or via e-mail, you won't see the poll; click here to go directly to my blog.)

Some of us like to paint right out of the car; others of us may walk a mile or more to get the right scene.  The farthest I've hiked was a day hike in the San Juan range near Ouray, Colorado; I threw a box of pastels and some paper in my backpack and went up, up, up.   I don't remember exactly where I stopped - it was years ago, and I had more hiking stamina then - but it was at least a couple hours in.  Experience has shown me that I don't have to hike anywhere near as far to find a good scene.  Sometimes the best ones are right under our noses.

On the other hand, there's nothing like having a good story to tell about a painting.  As you can tell, I still like to tell the one about hiking into the San Juans to paint.


Claude J. Millette Art said...

Hi Micheal,

I often make it a hiking event... partly because i need the physical activity to manage my diabetes... so it is a multi-purpose thing... Not sure I would do it that way otherwise...

Hope you have a chance to look at my work at

B Boylan said...

This made me count the times I've gone out only to sweat up hill and back down again for a painting spot. I've gotten bee bitten, poison oaked and nearly skunked in my efforts and they are the more memorable ones at that!

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Enjoyed seeing your pastels, Claude. Thanks, B!