Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Painting in Zion National Park - Part 2

Our second day of painting started with a hearty breakfast followed by an equally hearty "show and tell" of the work we did the day before.   These sharing sessions always on go longer than one might expect, so it's tough to get out to the field early!  But, considering how windy it was again this morning, that was a good thing.

After sharing, we drove out to the Human History Museum, where the back porch offers stunning views of the Altar of Sacrifice, the Sundial and West Temple.  We were also able to escape the wind here and then to have lunch after we finished painting.

For the afternoon, we hopped aboard the shuttle and went to one of my very favorite spots to paint, Court of the Patriarchs.  There were some good shadows on the rocks, but since it was warm, we headed down to the Virgin River and into the shade of the cottonwoods.

Here's a little video I shot while exploring for a painting spot -

Plus a pastel sketch I did.

Path to the Patriarchs, 12x9, pastel - SOLD

Two painting sessions a day plus exploration up the river tired us out.  I went back to the house to do laundry - we'd been on the road since before the Las Vegas Plein Air Convention & Expo - and shower.  This evening, folks went out for dinner in small groups.  (I know, these sound like rather quotidian details, but they give you an idea of how the retreat works.)

Tomorrow, we have a very special trip planned - a tour of Maynard Dixon's home and studio in Mt Carmel plus painting on the property.

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