Thursday, April 19, 2012

Painting in Zion National Park - Part 3

Today we had a special treat.  Paul Bingham of the Bingham Gallery and the Thunderbird Foundation  invited us to visit Maynard Dixon's home and studio and to paint on the grounds.  Maynard Dixon is one of my favorite painters, and we were all eager to spend the day at such a historical spot.  During the tour of the gallery - Paul made us coffee, too! - I saw some of the most beautiful work by a number of wonderful artists, including some amazing works by Milford Zornes.

Next, we walked through the buildings and toured the grounds.  We headed up on the hill behind the property, where Maynard Dixon's ashes were scattered, and also those of Zornes and his wife.  They have a nice view up there, and I bet they're happy.

Finally, we headed around the property to paint.  It was magical, knowing that Dixon had lived and painted there.   I painted the overlook from the property to the mountains to the southwest, and then a little sketch of Maynard's house.

Looking Out (Diana's Throne), 9x12, oil - SOLD

Maynard's House, 5x7, oil
It was an exhausting but very productive day.  Congratulations to all the participants, many of whom are completely new to the Utah landscape!


Drusilla Montemayor said...

A magical place...a must see in Utah. Tim and I visited last year on our trip to Bryce, Green River and then Moab. Have a safe trip!

Felicia Barnes said...

I love your painting Looking Out. Please include it in next years calendar. Right now, poor substitute that it is, the calendar (and your books) are the only way I can afford your works right now. But I am looking forward to a time, hopefully not too far distant, that I can buy the real thing. And thanks for posting so often, it gives me a lift everytime I come here and find new and beautiful paintings to look at.

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Thank you, Dru and Felicia!