Friday, April 20, 2012

Painting in Zion National Park - Part 4

Jim and Ed Painting by the River

After breakfast and an early round of "show-and-tell" in which we shared yesterday's paintings, we boarded the shuttle for Canyon Junction.  This is another of my favorite spots because you can get right down to the water among the cottonwoods and get fantastic views down the canyon toward the Watchman.  Today, the water was rushing fast, thanks to some snow Zion had a few days before we arrived, and it was a beautiful blue-green with coppery accents.  The weather has warmed up some, and the morning winds have disappeared, so it was delightful down by the water.

I did a 9x12 pastel of the view.  I was itching to capture the cool cast shadows on the water and its juxtaposition to the warmer, sunlit water.  The view was, really, just secondary.

Cool Waters, 9x12, pastel - SOLD
Afterward, I wandered along the river for awhile, taking pictures, before heading to the Museum for lunch in the shade and a quick afternoon piece of a closeup of West Temple.  But rather than show you that one, here's an oil painting I did the first day of the Watchman.

The Watchman, 12x9, oil
Later, some of us headed back to the house to touch up our pastel pieces.  One or two took naps - it's hard work, being out there all day - and they went out to do a little more painting.

Nancy and Lyn Touch Up their Pastels

Dinner tonight at Cafe Soleil.  Then tomorrow, I think we'll head back to another of my favorite spots,which I'll reveal in the next blog post.

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