Thursday, November 29, 2012

Made in the USA Christmas Gift Suggestions

Near Gibson Beach (Point Lobos), 12x24, oil

I've been in the studio this week, working on the painting pictured above. The moment I came across the scene at Point Lobos near Carmel, I knew I had to paint it. I've been using plein air sketches for color references and a few photos for details. I think I'm done at this point, but I'll give the piece a few more days on the easel.

Now that the rush of Black Friday is over and done with, I'm assuming everyone has calmed down and resumed gift-buying with a more reasonable approach. With that in mind, I thought I'd offer up some gift suggestions for you. These might make a nice gift for a loved one - or even yourself. And your dollars will stay right here in the U.S.A.!

Holiday Painting Sale: My holiday sale of sketches and demos in oil and pastel continues. Prices are very reasonable, and I ship quickly. Click here

2013 Calendar and Books: My 2013 calendar, featuring 12 oil and pastel paintings from the past year, is out. You can also get any of my books, including Backpacker Painting, Through a Painter's Brush: The American Southwest, Through a Painter's Brush: A Year on Campobello Island, and Paint Sedona: A Plein Air Painter's Field Guide. All of the books are available both as paperbacks and as eBooks and downloads. Click here

Art Instruction Videos: I have two full-length instruction videos for plein air painters. One is in oil, the other in pastel. If you can't afford to take one of my workshops, these videos give you a close-up look of my approach to outdoor painting. These can be ordered through Artists Network TV. Click here

A Paint Sedona Workshop Week: I have a series of workshops for the plein air painter in Sedona, and they run from now until mid-April. The workshops vary, with some intended for "all level" painters and others for more advanced painters. We will work in the mornings, and you will have the afternoons free to paint on your own or explore the area. I will critique anything you do in the afternoons. By the way, the National Weather Service is predicting a warmer winter than usual, so if you think Sedona is too cool, think again! Temps have been in the high 60s all week. I also have some special topic weeks, such as "Advanced Color." Click here

Sedona Arts Center "Fundamentals of Plein Air" Course: I'm offering a two-session class through the Sedona Arts Center on the basics of plein air painting, February 16 & 23. If you'd like to ease into plein air painting with time between painting sessions to absorb material, this is the course for you! Click here

Artist's Network University "Getting Started in Plein Air" Online Course: You may think it's strange to learn how to paint outdoors through an online course, but I taught this course this past summer, and it worked really well. The course runs for four weeks (Jan 8-Feb 1.) For course material, you get some of my mini-videos, a manual on outdoor painting plus Bob Rohm's wonderful book, The Painterly Approach.  You'll have an assignment each week followed by a careful, personal critique with suggestions for improvement. Click here.

My Plein Air Essentials Online Courses: Broken down into three parts, this is a series of mini-videos plus a manual for outdoor painting. The first course covers the basic; two other courses cover information that is specific to oil or pastel painters. Although this is strictly a self-study course without critiques, you can always ask me a question! Click here

And finally, even though the below workshops are based in Canada, some of these dollars will end up in the US:

A Paint Campobello Workshop Week: Similar to my Paint Sedona workshops, but these are intended for every level of painter. Campobello, NB, and nearby Lubec, ME, where we may also paint, offer some fantastic maritime scenery. Workshops are based out of my summer studio and gallery. Click here


Kathy Johnson said...

I love your point Lobos painting -- it glows.

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Thank you, Kathy!