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Friday, November 30, 2007

Eastport, Midday, Incoming Storm

I really enjoyed the energy of the 5x7 I did of Eastport, so I've embarked on a series. These are all small pieces, painted from my garden bench in the front yard and looking out across the International Border to Maine. Since I seem to stay warmer sitting than standing, I sit, huddled over my paintbox. (Perhaps if I add more fiery Cadmium Orange Deep to my palette, I will stay even warmer!) I usually stand to paint, but I make an exception for winter. Plus, I don't have to carry out the tripod, because I put the paintbox in my lap.
Yesterday afternoon, I did the second in the series. It seems we've entered a stormy period -- not unusual for this time of year -- and I can expect lots of clouds. I miss the clouds in the summertime, when often we have many days of what pilots call "severe clear" skies of nothing but hard blue. Yesterday, a small system moved in that hurled sleet against our windows at dusk and pelted us with snow pellets at dawn.
Here's the scene, just a few hours before the rain began.
"Eastport, Midday, Incoming Storm"
5x7, oil, en plein air