Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Experiments with Grounds - 7

"Eva Belle's House"
9x12, oil/panel - NFS

I thought I was done with grounds for the time being, but I remembered I had a bottle of Golden GAC-100 and some Golden Matte Medium under the counter. So, I prepped a few panels (Ampersand Hardbord), some with just the Matte Medium and others with the GAC plus two different brands of acrylic gesso. Today, I painted on a board prepped with the Matte Medium.

The nice thing about this product is that it is transparent, so you're working against the natural warm dark of the hardboard. The Matte Medium made the board so dark, in fact, that it was almost my darkest value. I had to work "up" into the light. I started by sketching my basic shapes with a light grey. I left the windows unpainted until the very end, when I added just a touch of greyed color here and there for reflections. I particularly liked the texture of the acrylic; rather than brushing it on in an orderly fashion, I just had fun making swirls. (It's hard to get them to look artistic!) I'll get to the other grounds in the next few days.

If you saw my studio tour video in yesterday's post, you'll see the outside of the studio in the painting. It's the room in the upper right with the outside staircase.

By the way, I had a note from Scott Gellatly of Gamblin regarding my test with the Gamblin Oil Painting Ground. He pointed out a reference page the Gamblin website has that discusses grounds. There is also an excellent video demonstration on the page showing exactly how to apply the ground to both hardboard and canvas. Click here to visit the page.


Erik van Elven said...

Thanks for doing all these ground experiments. Interesting read. I'm looking forward to your findings with the GAC + acrylic gesso. On a side note, I emailed the manufacturer of the artcocoon a few times and never got a response except for a polite autoresponder so I'm not sure they are still in business.

Michael Chesley Johnson, Artist / Writer said...

Thanks, Eric. Art Cocoon is still in business, definitely. I'm teaching a workshop down there in a couple of weeks. You might try again, or call:

Phone: 603-774-2360
Cell: 603-660-1601

Miki Willa said...

I think this is my second favorite of the ground experiments. I like the texture of the ground. I also really like the painting itself. The lights and shadows are very interesting. I also enjoyed your studio tour.