Sunday, September 20, 2009

Studio Tour, Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of our two-day studio tour, the "Two Countries, One Bay" event. The tour spans both sides of Passamaquoddy Bay and includes the eastern end of Downeast Maine and southwestern coastal New Brunswick. Over 45 artists are on this tour, which one can do as a loop with a couple of ferry rides. It's a rare chance to visit working artists in their studios and to see how art is done. (Visit for more on the tour.)

It was a pleasure to see some new faces as well as some old friends. During the day, I worked on a pastel demonstration. Pastel is perfect for these events, because I can leave the painting and give a gallery tour without the surface "closing." Oil paint is such that, over time, the surface becomes tacky and less workable. When I go back to my pastel painting, it's just as I left it, and I can dive right back into the painting.

Below is yesterday's piece, a pastel on a panel prepped with Art Spectrum Colourfix. I used mostly soft Mount Vision pastels. I would have done a plein air painting if it hadn't been for the wind. Today looks a bit calmer, so if you visit today on Day Two, you may find me in the yard!

"Morning Glow" 8x10, pastel/panel

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marilyn said...

such fun to see the same site where i painted with you this summer, this time in a different light.