Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Creek Rising and Other Signs of Spring

We've been painting water lately. It's an appropriate subject this time of year in Sedona, because the deep snows up in Flagstaff are melting and the creeks are up. Painting water is, one might say, another sign of spring. We've got many signs of spring now. The giant cottonwoods have already budded and are raining down catkins along the creek. On the hills, the manzanita - "little apple," in Spanish - are rich with fragrant blossoms and buzzing with bees. The quail, comical to us as they chase one another at dusk, pursue life seriously now that the mating season is here. And the painters, well, they paint.

I've done several small paintings of water this week. Here are two of my favorites.

"Spring Creek Rush 1" 5x5, pastel - contact Michael

"Spring Creek Rush 2" 7x7, pastel - contact Michael

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Samarjit Roy said...

this is so good !!! The landscape is so vivid, I just love it.