Monday, March 1, 2010

Off to the Grand Canyon - Painting Somewhere New

An opportunity has come up for me to go painting at the Grand Canyon for a couple of days. Lucky me! They've had a bit of snow up there the last couple of days, so we should have some good snow scenery. The weather forecast is for sun and relatively warm days (50 degrees F.). I'll be going with painter M.L. Coleman, who'll be driving the RV.

Having not painted there before, I'll take the approach I recommend to students who come to Sedona or Campobello Island for the first time. That is, I won't go with the goal of creating finished, gallery-quality pieces. Instead, I'll just explore the area with brush and camera. I'll do some small sketches such as 5x7s and 9x12s, and you can bet I'll try to max out the 8-gigabyte chip in my camera! All this is with the goal of getting familiar with the landscape for the next time I go. Of course, it's possible I'll get lucky and come up with a piece I can frame, but I probably stand a better shot at getting struck by a meteorite! Going with the goal of creating a finished piece would be frustrating, I'm sure.

Before I go, I leave you with this small pastel. My intent was to explore the form of the rock and the shadow colors - exactly the kind of thing I'll be doing at the Grand Canyon.

"Raven Rock" 5x7 pastel, contact Michael

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Gary Keimig said...

I liked your beginning commment on the Grand Canyon as to painting it first time there. I was completely overwhelmed by it when I first went. I think it is because of the massiveness of it and just where to begin and where to end. I had a commission to do the canyon in a 4 foot by 8 foot mural and ended up taking a zillion photographes then proceeding in the sutdio. I have since done little segements of the canyon in smaller 8x10's or so.
Liked what you did even if they were scrappings. Love to see how a larger piece turns out.