Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lanelle's Garden

"Lanelle's Garden" 8x10, oil, en plein air

Our guesthouse in Kayenta has a great view of mountains and desert. Kayenta, a planned "green" community," prides itself on low-profile homes that blend in with the landscape. From our guesthouse, we can see very few neighbors, and it's easy to gaze past them to the beautiful views. No three-story McMansions with ostentatious walled gardens and parapets here!

There's a pathway that goes from our place to our host's. It winds through a garden of native desert plants - something very appropriate for a "green" community. There's nothing like an early morning walk through it. Your only companions are the quail, chasing one another with thoughts of spring.

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Sharon Weaver said...

Looks lovely. I bet those quail are thinking of more that spring. You have great rust colors.