Sunday, July 4, 2010

Boat Graveyard

"The Graveyard" 12x16, oil

There are a couple of coves on Campobello Island that have served as unofficial "boat graveyards" over the years. Boats beyond repair are hauled up and left to finish out their days. Winter storms, summer heat and multitudes of tides take their toll. The owners strip the boats of any salvageable gear - propellers, motors and the like - leaving only wood and paint behind. In the six years we've lived on the island, I've seen more than one hull splinter into planks and vanish.

Near Wilson's Beach is my favorite graveyard. You pass it on your way to the Head Harbour Lighthouse. I've always wanted to get there at low tide and paint the boats. Today was the day, with beautiful weather and low tide at just the right moment.

By the way, I still have three of the four pastel sketches left I did this week. Click here to see the post. Let me know if you're interested via e-mail.

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