Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2011 Calendar Available - Seascapes and Arizona

Now that the holiday season is fast approaching - or already here, if you heed the retailers - you're probably trying to figure out what to give Uncle Harry. Uncle Harry may be the sort of person who likes to scribble down appointments on a calendar rather than key them in on his iPad or iPhone. If so, you might consider giving him my calendar. Not only does it have 12 new paintings from this year (plus an extra one on the cover), it has plenty of room to write in doctor's appointments and other important memos. I think he'll also enjoy the selected paintings of the Canadian Maritimes, coastal Maine and the Southwest. I picked my personal favorites.

The calendar is only $17 this year, plus shipping. You can order it on-line at my Lulu store:

By the way, Lulu is discounting 40% off the calendar. At checkout, use the code:


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weekend et coup de brosse said...

ces couleurs sont magnifiques ! superbe- cath