Sunday, November 28, 2010

Picking a Subject - New Video

I've finished a new mini-video in my Plein Air Essentials series. This one is called "Picking a Subject." I've had lots of students in my plein air painting workshops over the years who pick subjects that just don't work. This 6 1/2 minute video is designed to show you what guidelines I follow when looking for a suitable plein air subject.

The video, which features some of Sedona's fabulous Red Rock country, is only $1.49 and is available through at my store,

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the Plein Air Essentials series and about this one in particular.


Unknown said...

Hi Michael,

I ordered several of these, and, as I would have expected, the quality is excellent. I just watched this one, and look forward to going through the others. I only wish they were longer! But the information provided is succinct, usable, and easily understandable with your explanations and photos.
I didn't have any issues downloading from Lulu.. just clicked download, and then opened up the file and watched.

Michael Chesley Johnson, Artist / Writer said...

I'm glad it worked out for you, Deb. And thanks for the kind words!