Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Newsletter

New Year's Eve Snow Along Spring Creek!

New Year's Day
Sedona, Arizona

I know it's a cliche, but it bears saying: It's hard to believe another year has gone. The older I get, the faster the years roll by. Time accelerates as we age. Years pass like months; months, like days; days, like minutes. Every day is precious, and we should live with that fact in mind. I try to remember this when I go out in the field to paint. Going out isn't just about recording the scene in paint or pastel; it's also about savoring the moment to its fullest.

After an unseasonably warm fall, winter returned this week with snow squalls and cooler temperatures. But you know, in Sedona, the snow doesn't last more than a day, and when the sun comes out, it always feels like a spring day. I'm looking forward to getting out this winter with students and friends.
By the way, at the end of this letter I'll tell you about a special workshop I'm hosting in August with a master painter. Read on!

Studio Store Open Again
Starting today, I am reopening my online studio store. I'll be selling unframed oils and pastels that are of gallery quality. These paintings are some of my personal favorites that simply haven't made it to the gallery. I have a big variety - not just Sedona's red rocks, but also streams and creeks, mountains and meadows. You'll be able to buy the paintings directly from the store via Paypal. (You don't have to pay via Paypal but may use a credit card; I'll also gladly take checks!) If you're interested, please visit the Pumphouse Studio Gallery blog at this link and follow it, or see the link in the right sidebar of this blog.

Looking for Less-Expensive Work?
I am also selling less-expensive work in the form of demonstration paintings and sketches in my new Daily Paintworks store. I'll be adding to this constantly, so if you don't see something you like right away, check back. As with the Pumphouse Studio store, you can pay via Paypal. You can visit the my Daily Paintworks store here, or see the link in the right sidebar of this blog.

Announcing "Plein Air Painters of Sedona and the Verde Valley"
I've formed what's called a "meetup group" for plein air painters in and around Sedona. If you're in the area and want to paint with some like-minded people, consider joining the group Plein Air Painters of Sedona and the Verde Valley. (Just click on the link to go to it.) There's no fee, and anyone can set up a paintout. Our first paintout is at Fay Canyon in Sedona on Saturday, January 19th at 1 pm. I hope to see you there!

Paint Sedona Continues
My Paint Sedona plein air workshops continue now until mid-April. This season, I have a number of different types of workshops including ones for beginners, ones for more advanced students, and some special topic workshops. Sedona is a beautiful place this time of year, and in the unlikely event we do have any snow, it just makes the red rocks even prettier! The workshop is four half-days, which leaves you plenty of time to explore the area or to paint on your own. It's perfect for painters coming with friends or family! For details, please visit my Paint Sedona plein air workshop site.

Artist's Network University Online Beginning Plein Air Course
I enjoyed teaching this course so much last summer for ANU than I'm teaching it again starting January 8th. This is a four-week online course with assignments. Basically, you read the material and watch the videos, and then you go out and do one assignment a week. I give you a detailed, personal critique of the work each week. The students last summer seemed to really enjoy the course and to get a lot out of it. If you're interested, please visit the Artist's Network University course page.  It starts January 8.

Registration for Paint Campobello Is On!
I'm already getting signups for my Paint Campobello plein air workshops. Similar to Paint Sedona, Paint Campobello workshops are four half-days with time left to explore or paint, and it's been very popular with painters who bring along family or friends. Campobello Island has some of the very best maritime scenery. Workshops run from July into September. (I also have a Grand Manan Island workshop scheduled again this year as well as one in St Andrews.) For details, please visit my Paint Campobello plein air workshop site. Also, don't forget that Friar's Bay Studio Gallery will be opening in July, but we're also happy to have visitors before then.

Albert Handell Workshop
I'm excited to announce that I'll be hosting a studio/plein air painting workshop with master painter Albert Handell next summer. If you're not familiar with Mr Handell, he has been teaching for many years and is a much-sought-after instructor. In 1987, the Pastel Society of America inducted him into its Hall of Fame, and in 2000, the Pastel Society of the West Coast honored him with a Lifetime Achievement Award for Pastel. He has won Master signature status from Oil Painters of America, Pastel Society of American and the American Impressionist Society. You don't want to miss this rare opportunity to work with Mr Handell in Downeast Maine! The workshop, which will be based in Lubec, Maine, will cost $675 and run from August 26-30. For full details, please visit www.AlbertHandellWorkshop.com.

Of course, I have many workshops listed on the workshop page of my web site.

So that's all for now! Have a great start to your New Year! - Michael

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