Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Trails

Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Singing "Happy Trails"

By the time you get this, Trina, Saba and I will be on our way east.  Trying to get everything packed so it fits in our car is always a challenge.  This year, because we have a slightly smaller car (Subaru Crosstrek), we are even shipping a box ahead.   In addition to clothes and dog food, I had two workshops and a painting retreat to pack for.  If we ever need another career, maybe we'll hire ourselves out as small-car-packing-specialists.

Art Gear Ready-to-Go
First stop will be Santa Fe for several days.  I'm looking forward to strolling down Canyon Road again and seeing what's new in the gallery world.  (How many more galleries will have closed? is always the question.)  Then we're off to Taos for a week-long painting retreat I'm leading.  I'm really looking forward to that.  Taos is a fabulous place to paint.  Next, we'll be off to Indiana to teach two workshops, one in Valparaiso and the other in South Bend.  (By the way, I still have some spaces in the Valparaiso workshop - see Art Barn for details).  Finally, we'll continue east with a stop in Vermont to visit family...and if we have time, we might stop in Castine, Maine, for a night.  That'll be our first whiff of salty air since September!  And then, of course, we'll head for Campobello Island and a summer of plein air painting workshops.

You'll be hearing from me on the road.  Till then, happy trails!

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