Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Books Now Available at Amazon

I'm proud to announce that all of my books are now available at Amazon!  You can visit my Amazon author site here to buy the books:  www.amazon.com/author/johnson.

The books are:

Prices are the same as they have been through Lulu.com.  I don't make much money on these books; I wrote them for painting students and collectors so they can become more knowledgeable about the process of painting and also about the part of the world I paint in.  These books are eligible for free "super saver" shipping, and Amazon being what it is, you can order them at the same time you buy your health and personal care items (among other things.)

At this point, I only have the paperbacks.  (Kindle versions will be coming once I have time to work out formatting issues.)  In the meantime, you can still order digital versions (ePub, PDF) from my Lulu store.

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