Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10th Anniversary for the Blog - and About Paint Sedona Plein Air Painting Workshops

Today my Plein Air Painter's Blog celebrates its tenth anniversary!  It was ten years ago today that I started my blog, on October 27th, 2005.  That's a lot of posts over the years - 1175, including this one.  Over the years, I've shared my discoveries on my journey as a painter, including lots of tips and techniques.  I've also shown many of my paintings along the way.  If you're new to my blog, take a look at the "Blog Post Categories" list in the right hand column, and browse around a bit.  You might find something helpful!  You might even find a painting to buy.

Delighted Paint Sedona Participants (and Instructor)

Throughout my blog, I talk a good deal about my Paint Sedona plein air painting workshops.  If you're looking for a winter getaway and some good painting locations, you might consider taking one of my workshops.  Workshop are small - no more than four students.  Also, we work from 9 to 1, which leaves you afternoons free for painting on your own or for enjoying Sedona's galleries, restaurants and fine hikes.  Here's a short video that shows you some of the places I've taken participants to in the past.  If you'd like to learn more, please visit www.PaintSedona.com

By the way, we are happy to have visitors at our studio to view the paintings in person. In Fall/Winter/Spring that is Pumphouse Studio Gallery (http://pumphousestudiogallery.com) and during the late Spring/Summer and Early Fall months that is Friar's Bay Studio Gallery (http://friarsbaygallery.com/). Hours by appointment!

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