Thursday, March 3, 2016

Time Lapse Painting

Recently, we purchased a little video camera to have fun with.   It's a GeekPro 3, a knock-off of the better-known (and more expensive) GoPro Hero 3.  The camera has, among other things, a chest mount, which I used for the above video.

As you may recall, I'm in the process of painting a series of 24 small paintings for the 100th anniversary of Acadia National Park, which will be on exhibit (and for sale!) at Argosy Gallery in Bar Harbor, Maine, starting July 1.  This short video shows me painting one of the 6x8s.  This two-hour painting session is condensed into a couple of minutes.

A viewer lamented that it was difficult to follow my process because of the speed and camera movement.  I didn't intend the video to be instructional; instead, I aimed to provide context for the series of paintings I'm working on.  It's a glimpse of the flurry of activity that happens with these small paintings.  I paint with a tiny painting knife, which means lots of quick trips to the palette to mix and reload.  I find painting these little pieces to be incredibly energizing.

Once I finish the series, I'll post them to my Facebook studio page and also to my Open Gallery page.  I'm nearly done!

Here's the finished piece:

Ledge 6x8 Oil
by Michael Chesley Johnson

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