Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Demonstration for Arizona Pastel Artists Association

Photos by Judy Quimby

This past Sunday, I spent an afternoon in Phoenix demonstrating for the Arizona Pastel Artists Association at its monthly meeting.  What a welcoming and eager group!  About 40 members attended, and I got many questions about my materials, process and workshops.  For the demonstration, I was asked to show how I handle Sedona's famous "red rocks" – the best time of day to paint them, tips on plane changes and lighting, and what to do when a drawing goes bad.  I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with them and also meeting all the members.  I look forward to teaching a workshop for them in the future.  (And in the meantime, if you're a member reading this, don't forget I teach in Sedona now until mid-April!)

I want to take this opportunity to plug the Arizona Pastel Artists Association's very first national open exhibition.  Jurors of selection are Lorenzo Chavez and Terri Ford, with the Judge of Awards being Kim Lordier.  This is a top-notch jury, and it'll be exciting to see what they select for the show.  Plus, there are $5000 in awards!  Here are the details plus a link to the prospectus:

Arizona Pastel Artists Association 1st National Show
In Sedona, AZ 
April 13 through 25, 2017
Deadline is March 7, 2017
Jurists: Lorenzo Chavez and Terri Ford
Judge of Awards is Kim Lordier 
$5000 in Awards
Prospectus and Event Registration is on line at www.apaa.wildapricot.org

I hope you all apply and help make the APAA's first national open a great success!

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