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Friday, March 3, 2017

New! Online Painting Course: Outdoor Study to Studio

New Online Course!

As many of you know, I've developed a series of books and videos over the years that bring my plein air painting methods to folks who can't attend my workshops in person or who would like a supplement to the material I teach.  Well, I'm happy to announce I've created another self-study online course.

Outdoor Study to Studio:  Take Your Plein Air Paintings to the Next Level includes video demonstrations and written lectures designed to help you sharpen your skills and take your work from mere craftsmanship to Art with a capital "A."  In this course, I show you how to gather field references--drawings, color studies and photographs--and then bring them to the studio where you can create a masterpiece.

The course also gives you the downloadable version of my newest book, Outdoor Study to Studio.  This book goes for $24.95 paperback, so this alone makes the course worthwhile!

Until April 1st, I am offering a discount on this new course to the first 100 people who sign up.  The course is normally $25, but you can have it for $20--that's a 20% discount!  Coupon code is GOTOYOURSTUDIO.  To learn about this course, see free previews and to sign up, go to:

For your enjoyment, I offer this introductory video (don't see the video below? go here):

It seems like more and more artists are benefiting from online self-study courses like my ones at  As an instructor and "content creator," these courses take a great deal of time and effort to put together, but I enjoy having them out there for folks who, for whatever reason, can't attend one of my workshops or who desire to have an always-available, online reference to my workshop material.  My Plein Air Essentials course especially is designed to help someone who's never taken a workshop with me get up to speed quickly.  It's great prep before taking one of my workshops! By the way, I also have many free videos on my Youtube channel.


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