Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Painting Locations I Have Known

We always enjoy some free time between Christmas and New Year's.  Most folks with whom we do business take time off, so there's little point in writing e-mails or picking up the phone.   For us, it's a period of reading books, watching movies and taking hikes.  But it's also about looking ahead to the new year and for making plans, both business and personal.  I usually end up one day scrolling through photos from the year to see where we've been.  Between our cross-country trips, which come both spring and fall, and our excursions for day- or weekend-trips, we have painted and photographed in more places than I can count.

This season, I went back a little farther in my photo archive—right to the beginning of my career as a professional artist.  It amazed me to see how many photos I have of me painting in one scenic spot or another.  I thought I'd share these with you in a video.  (Can't see the video?  Go to this link:  I discovered I didn't have photos from every workshop, retreat or outing, so what follows is just a sampling of my adventures.  Maybe you'll join us on a future one.

By the way, as I reviewed the video, I was surprised at the variety of headgear, coats and jackets, and plein air equipment I've used over the years.  If you can figure out how many different easels I've used in the last 17 years, please let me know!

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