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Friday, June 29, 2018

After Scotland

Painting the "Old" Sligachan Bridge from beneath the "new" Sligachan bridge

Trina and I are settling back into our home and studio on Campobello Island, but the month in Scotland is still very fresh for us.  Soon, however, we will be busy with summertime projects—my plein air painting workshops start next week, plus I have some articles to write for The Artist's Magazine—but I wanted to pen one last post on Scotland before that happens.

I thought it would be enjoyable for everyone to see all the sketches I made on the trip in one post.   I've added them below.  You'll note a wide range of subject matter as well as weather conditions.  We had days of brilliant sunshine, but also days of moody mist.  I loved it all.  I was also very happy that I'd chosen gouache as my painting medium.  Sun or drizzle, it served me well.  I may teach a workshop or two in gouache—stay tuned.

The paintings follow in more or less chronological order.  To see where and when each was painted, click on the image to get a larger picture, and you can read my notes.  Most are 5x8, but a few are double-spreads, at 5x16.