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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Mindful Painting

Are you one of those painters who strokes repeatedly the same spot on the canvas?  Or one who continues to swirl the brush in a pile of paint on the canvas, blending a mixture that is already well-blended?  Chances are, you're just filling time with a pointless motion until the idea of what to do next comes to you.

When you paint, don't just pay attention to the subject before you but expand your awareness to include the thoughts that drive your brush.  I call this "mindful painting."  Mindful painting will help you pare down your process and make you a more efficient painter.  Does your stroking or blending have a purpose?  If not, stop and decide what will advance your painting.

The next trick, of course, is to become so mindful that you are no longer aware that you are so, and when this happens, the painting truly does become effortless-- and a joy.