Thursday, July 4, 2019

More New Paintings

One day I went out to paint on a trail that I hadn't  painted on before.
Hard to believe, considering I've spent more than 15 years painting on the island!

Although this has been one of the wetter springs and starts to the summer I can recall on Campobello Island, I've had enough sunny days to get out and paint.  I thought I'd share with you some of this new recent work.  All of them are available for sale at

One thing I've done with these new paintings is to use a large (for me) brush.  This is an #8 synthetic flat from Silver Brush.  I've not used synthetic brushes before because I've always liked the feeling of natural bristle.  But my natural bristles wear down so fast during the block-in!  So, I decided to buy a couple of synthetic ones for blocking in.  I like the feeling of them so much I did the whole painting with them.

You'll note that the scenes are a little different from what I usually paint here.  I've grown a little tired of the compositions that have an arc of beach terminating in some point of land that juts out into the ocean.  So, I've been consciously looking for different motifs.

Outreach 9x12 Oil
I've painted this point plenty of times, but never this loosely.
Available here.

Seven Miles Out 12x9 Oil
Capturing a sense of sunlight on these grey rocks,
which you can see toward the bottom of this cliff,
is always challenging.  By the way, "seven miles
out" refers to the distance from this point to
Grand Manan, which you can see on the horizon.
Available here

Shadows in the Cove 9x12 Oil
A secret  place that I'm not sharing even with students!
The whole time I painted this, an otter swam back and forth,
keeping an eye on me.
Available Here

Shady Barn 6x8 Oil
My new summer studio is in this barn.
Available here

Shady Pond 9x12 Oil
Another favorite spot, at the head of Glensevern Lake.
Available here

Stand Alone 12x9 Oil
Maybe this one should be titled, "What? Still there?" since
every year I come back to Campobello expecting this tree
to have fallen to winter storms.  It's lost many limbs but still stands.
Available here
That's it for now.  I'll have more as the summer continues.

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