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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Encounter: Interview with Nathan Fowkes

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I spoke recently with California artist Nathan Fowkes as part of my ongoing interviews of artists from my new book, Beautiful Landscape Painting Outdoors: Mastering Plein Air.  Nathan is a concept artist for animation and entertainment projects with clients such as DreamWorks, Blue Sky and Disney, and he has screen credits for 12 feature films.  But he's not just a studio artist.  As you'll learn in our interview, much of his concept art is inspired by his adventures in plein air painting.  (Visit

I hadn't met Nathan before our interview, but when I was looking for artists to include, I was so taken by his landscape work and his expertise as a teacher that I knew right away he would add an important dimension to my book. It was a pleasure to work with him and a real delight to meet him via Zoom.  You can either watch the recording here or through this link:

In case you haven't heard about my book, it features 15 master artists who share their tips and techniques for plein air painting.  This 160-page book is packed with demonstrations, illustrations and, of course, beautiful paintings.  The book, which will come out March 2022, is available for pre-order from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  You can get details at the following links:

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