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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Some Wee Scottish Paintings

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"Skye Sheep" 6x8 oil - Available

I recently needed to paint a few small pieces and to have them dry quickly so I could ship them.  This need arises occasionally, and when it does, I switch from traditional oil paints to alkyds.  For these paintings, I used Gamblin FastMatte colors.  I like these because paintings made with them dry to the touch in about 24 hours, and after a couple of days, they are completely dry.  (I do not paint in very thick layers.)

The paint dries to a matte finish, so I varnish them with Gamblin's Gamvar Gloss, which brings back some of the glossiness one expects from oil paint.  Because the FastMatte dries matte, a single coat doesn't give you a super-glossy effect, but it does bring back the proper value relationships and color saturation (as a varnish will do with traditional oil paints.) 

The paintings are all based on photos, field sketches and memories from previous trips to Scotland.  Because I had to cancel this summer's painting retreat on the Isle of Skye, it was good to revisit Scotland in my mind.  Most are sold, but there are a few left if you are interested.

"Beneath Buachaille" 6x8 Oil - Available

"Birsay Cliff" 6x8 Oil - Available

"Bridge over the Burn" 6x8 Oil - SOLD

"Highland Bridge" 6x8 Oil - SOLD

"Rousay Fish Houses" 6x8 Oil - SOLD

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