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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Pastel Live!

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One positive has emerged from the pandemic:  Many conventions, now easing back into in-person formats, are continuing their online versions.  It turns out that many people love the option.  Delayed flights?  Lost luggage?  Crappy hotels?  COVID lurking in the hallways?  None of these are a problem with a virtual convention.

So I'm glad I've been invited to teach at the online convention Pastel Live!, now in its second year.  I'll be demonstrating on “Beginner's Day,” which will be August 17th.  My demonstration will show how any pastel stick can make a variety of useful marks, plus I'll share ways to create special effects that will add pizzazz to your paintings.

Since my demonstration, like all the others, will be pre-recorded, you may wonder where “live” comes in.  Well, I'll be online at the time of broadcast, and you'll have the chance to ask me as many questions as you like.  Outside of my demo, there will also be critiques, question and answer sessions, roundtable discussions and group painting.  Whether you're just starting out with pastel or are an experienced painter hoping to take your craft to the next level, I hope you'll join me.  You can find all the details at this link:

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