Saturday, October 10, 2009

Michael's Annual Fall Sale

It's that time of year again! I create lots of 5x7 pastels during the course of a year, and they do tend to pile up. Every fall I like to go through and pick out the best and offer them for sale. This year, I've selected 20. They cover my entire travel year, from Sedona to Campobello Island with a few stops in between.

I usually sell these unframed for $60 a piece, but I'm offering them for $50 each plus $5 shipping. If you purchase more than one, I'll adjust shipping since I can put several in a box.

These 5x7s fit perfectly in the window of a pre-cut 8x10 mat. All you need is the mat and backing, some tape, and a glass 8x10 frame. It's exactly how I frame them!

By the way, I played with PayPal's inventory feature when creating my "Add to Cart" buttons. This is a relatively new thing, and I'm happy to see it. So, you'll know right away if a painting has already been sold!

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