Sunday, March 4, 2012

Who's Buying Paintings These Days?

If you paint a lot, as I do, the paintings eventually start pushing up the rafters. You either have to sell them, give them away, or burn them. I prefer to sell mine, since that fills the bank account so I can make more paintings. But sell them to whom?

I suspect most of my paintings either go to other painters or to my students, or to older people who have always bought paintings and still have the funds to continue to do so. I suspect that the paintings aren't going to twenty-somethings fresh out of college burdened by hefty school loans. I have some other thoughts on the matter, which I will discuss in a future post.

I've put together a little survey I'd love for you to take. Your responses will help me discover who's buying today. (UPDATE: Survey is now closed!)

By the way, we had a good time last week in the latest Paint Sedona workshop. Below are a few of the sketches I did.  They're all for sale.  Let me know if you'd like one.  (Shipping is $10, so if you buy several, you save!)

9x12, oil. - $100 - From Uptown
We had on iffy-weather day.  This is the view out the window of the Uptown Sedona studio.

6x12, oil. - SOLD - Munds Mountain Vista
There's nothing like Schnebly Hill for some good panoramas.

6x12, oil. - $75 - Thunder Mountain Vista
I'm really liking these 6x12 pieces.  Quicker to do than a 12x24, but they still give you the panorama.
This one is looking down the ridge from Thunder Mountain to Coffee Pot and beyond.

5x7, oil. - $60 - Up the Canyon
I like backlighting on the Sedona rocks.  This is a view from the Sedona Heritage Museum.

6x9, pastel. - $60 - Camelhead
Another Schnebly Hill view, looking toward Snoopy Rock and  Camelhead.  This is another backlit scene.

6x9, pastel. - $60 - Snow up the Canyon
One day we headed up Schnebly Hill Road to the Cowpies area.  There was still some snow up in the shadows.


Keith Tilley said...

I don't buy art (I wonder how many artists can afford to), but I sell mostly to older people who collect, or younger people who want to buy for a gift or some other special reason.

Ltschweitzer said...

Those are awfully low prices for such nice paintings.

Steve PP said...

I sell to a wide customer base, from wealthy businessmen, to families and individuals buying small pieces, there never seems to be a pattern to it.

Bruce Poulterer said...

Michael Love your paintings. Great prices Hard to say how to increase sales. I go in some shows run by organizations and then some outdoor shows. I find if I keep my prices in line for my prints, small originals and giclees they provide income and pay for the show. Then my originals that I sell occasionally allow me to paint larger paintings. I appreciate your blog and find it helpful , honest and wish you the best. Visited St John's this past fall and Fundy trail. beautiful area. Best regards Bruce

Bruce Poulterer said...

Michael thanks for writing your comments about selling paintings. Your prices are very reasonable for my area. I find selling hard with so many people come to shows to look I guess for entertainment. I do some shows at local schools and then some outdoor shows. I like interacting with customers. I send out a mailing via e-mail and then with post cards.
Sales are down due to the economy, loss of jobs, etc. so keeping art reasonable, offering different price points and keeping your art attractive to the potential customer all helps. Love your paintings.....great prices Best regards Bruce

cabinart said...

Here is another idea for unsold paintings - repaint them! Either spruce them up, or just do a new painting right over the top. Hurts a little, but when you do a new painting you love, it takes some of the sting out.

Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Thanks so much for your comments, everyone!

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