Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December Nor'easter

Our first nor'easter of the season slid in quietly last night, dropping about 10 inches of heavy, wet snow. This afternoon, the storm is slowly spinning its way out to sea. Since I couldn't really see Eastport well enough to paint another in my Eastport series, I decided to do something more close-up. I picked a clump of yellow birches and maples right outside our bedroom window. (And yes, I did this one from inside, looking out.)

Last night, I was looking through American Art Collector, and a painting by Peter Poskas caught me eye. "Sap Rising" shows a snowy scene with an old house and maples. What interested me was the contrast of complements -- yellows and violets. I thought of his painting when I painted this one. I wanted to work toward a complementary color scheme. I chose oranges and blues, making the blues dominant. Although the oranges are a minor portion of the "real estate," they are the center of interest.

'December Nor'easter'
5x7, oi

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