Sunday, December 2, 2007

Eastport View, Wind Chill, 7 degrees

Yesterday, I did, in fact, chicken out. The wind was gusting to 45 mph, which dropped the wind chill down to 7. (That's -14C.) I really didn't relish the idea of exposing fingertips and nose to that kind of challenge. So, I set up my paintbox on a card table in a room with a view that's almost identical to the view I get from my garden bench.

This allowed me a little more time to consider my colour choices and my brushwork. (It also helped that I didn't have to steady my hand against the gale!) Although some might feel this indoors-looking-out method is cheating when it comes to plein air painting, I don't. I'm still painting from life. For sure, I'd rather be outdoors -- I still brag about the time I ran 6 miles at -20 F -- but sometimes personal bravado must be checked, especially when you're my age and feel a bit creaky even on a warm day.

'Eastport View, Wind Chill, 7 Degrees'
5x7, oil - SOLD

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